What is SomNOG?

The Somali Network Operators’ Group (SomNOG) is a forum for Somali networking professionals to develop technical capacities, share experiences and collaborate on developing expertise and competency through trainings and research in networking and Internet technologies. SomNOG is a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers which aims to contribute to the growing eco-system of Internet service providers and consumers by building relevant technology expertise. The platform provided by the organization will enable a culture of knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Participation in SomNOG’s activities is open to anyone interested in sharing their experiences and technical knowledge or learning from others. SomNOG’s moto is “Towards a better Internet, through effective collaboration.”


A better Internet connectivity achieved through effective capacity building initiatives and collaborations amongthe Somali networking professionals.


The mission of SomNOG is to train as many competent networking professionals as possible on Internet technologies, facilitate collaboration among them to exchange ideas on improving Internet services through research and promote awareness on building network infrastructure to keep local traffic local.


1. Providing a platform for networking professionals to connect, collaborate and share experiences and technical know-how related to Internet and network technologies.
2. Developing local technical expertise and competencies related to Internet technologies through relevant trainings, research and publications.
3. Encouraging research on Internet technology utilization in Somalia.
4. Promoting the use of open source software and solutions among the networking community, especially in regards to building and managing network infrastructure and services.

Principles and Values

SomNOG as an organization upholds the following principles that shall not change with the circumstances:
Openness in terms of governance and membership.

Governance Structure
SomNOG has a structure comprising of:
1. Advisory Committee.
2. Steering (executive committee).
3. Ad hoc committees.